Anduriel, the Unchained

Fallen Angelic Paladin in the service of Asmodeus


Anduriel was once referred to as Mithra’s Shield, but that time has long since come and gone. During the Asmodian purges, Anduriel witnessed the true barbarism of the mithrian followers. They were brutal in their inquisition and often murdered on suspicion of consorting with Asmodeus, with no evidence.

Anduriel was stricken with a crisis of faith. How could the god he believed to be so good, commit such evil acts. The Asmodians never actually did anything hostile toward the Mithrans, but the king had made his insane decree that they must all die.

This is when Asmodeus slipped into Anduriels heart. He planted the seed that soon grew into hate toward the Mithrans. At the battle of Blacktower, Andruriel turned on his one time allies and killed four score before he was captured and tried for his crimes. He was on the way to the pyre when a woman in white appeared and informed the patrol that he was to be released and given his equipment.

After a brief meeting with Cardinal Thorn, Anduriel was dubbed “The Unchained”, for having thrown off the bonds of Mithra, he has found his true god.

Anduriel, the Unchained

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