You are not Prepared

Vex: Tested

Day 6,

So the pope has decided that we are to be tested on the main tenants of the Asmodean faith. There are some catacombs beneath the manor house that we need to “travel through” and return a silver medallion to his royal high popeness of contractual obligations. Fine, ill complete his stupid test and throw it in his face.

Vex: Contracted

Day 5,

So the pope of Asmodeus asked us all to sign a contract, binding our group to Asmodeus, him, and each other.. In that order. Im hesitant, those devil worshipers love teir contracts and hidden loopholes that only they can use.

Vex: Rested

Day 4,

I got to sleep in a real bed last night. Almost forgot how that felt. The benefactor’s crazy bitch keeps letting herself into the room I am currently residing in. The only response she gives is that she is “doing a devils work”. I dont care whos work she is doing, im trying to sleep.

Her creepy mind slaves keep asking if there is anything they can do for me, so I joking gave her a response. Next thing I know, our clothing is in a pile on the floor. Hmmm, interesting.

Vex: Jailed

Day 1,

I’ve been convicted of “high treason” and am awaiting the executioner. His death would have been swift and painless, yet im going to get ripped apart.

This is fair?

This is just?

Very well, so be it. I will pass through this veil and onto the next while his highness sits in judgement over “his people”.

Day 2,

I am no longer alone. They have moved me to a cell with two other people. What are the odds that it would be an aasimar and a tiefling sent to join me. The tiefling is in for de-frauding and will be sent to the mines for hard labor. The aasimar gets burned alive for arson. At least one punishment fist the crime.

Day 2 cont.

The teifling has a visitor, though he seems confused as to who would be visiting him.

Day 3,

Ha! We are free. The tieflings visitor gave us the supplies we needed to escape. I think we managed to kill everyone in the prison and freed an ogre, who is now following us around. We made it to our benefactors home and were treated to hot food and a warm bath.


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