Options for those in the service of Asmodeus.

Few are willing to sign the contract, penned in their own blood, turning their immortal soul over to Asmodeus in return for power, but those that do find that the benefits are well worth the cost. While they can expect an eternity of torment in the afterlife, they gain untold power in their mortal lives, but each year brings them closer to damnation. It is then no surprise that they wield their gifts with almost reckless abandon, hoping to impress their dark lord with untold acts of cruelty and tyranny. It is a fool’s hope, however, since Asmodeus is not easily swayed by such acts, and there is a high price to pay for his favor.

The following class features and feats are typically only used by characters that worship Asmodeus, but some have taken root in the blasphemous service of other devil princes and demon lords.

HellBound Archetypes

HellBound Feats


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